Welcome to Mayfair Garden Apartment

There is nothing quite so pleasurable for us as seeing our apartment building occupied by happy tenants. It is the result of months and even years of thoughtful planning, caring and dreaming become reality.

From the outset, we believed that Mayfair Garden should be more than just a beautiful apartment building in a prime residential location. In the vision of our family and management team, we also wanted Mayfair Garden to be responsible as well as responsive to our tenants.
We went to great length to realize our wishes, and invested accordingly. The way we utilized the land at Mayfair is one example. Rather than maximizing saleable floor space by building more rooms, we blocked off a sizeable area for a garden and a playground, a place where your children can play while you relax, read and privately recharge. For we firmly believe that environment has a direct affect of people’s emotions.

One other example is the structure of our building, which is reinforced with a great many more steel bars than required by general engineering standards, enabling it to withstand earthquakes of up to 7 on the Richter scale. This required significant amount of incremental investment.
Regrettably, not many families get the opportunity to stay at Mayfair Garden, because vacancies are few and far between. However, when availability arises, we look forward to warmly welcoming you, and hope that yours too, will be a happy stay.

The Management